Monday, July 13, 2015

The girls from Team Zambia - Kitwe

Since you last heard from my fellow mission helper, Lucas, we have safely made it to Kitwe, Zambia. However, just like before, we had some more car trouble and had to stop mid-trip to get a bearing replaced. But once that was fixed we had a swift ride here to Kitwe. Pastors from Congo and here in Zambia were meeting with Missionary Ude for a pastoral conference, so we were able to meet them and worship with them on Sunday morning. We were told that there would be many baptisms at this service, but we never anticipated 43! More than half of them were children and there were some adults as well. It was truly amazing to see these children of God be washed and renewed in the Holy Spirit! After the service, filled with dancing and singing praises to the Lord, we went to two schools to teach. During our time in Kitwe we had the opportunity to teach around 400 children. We have finished teaching for the duration of our trip, and will be traveling back to Lusaka in the next 2 days. Our time in Kitwe has been very blessed, even with the daily power outages. We look forward to returning home, but we will never forget the people we have met here in Zambia. See ya'll soon!

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