Saturday, July 4, 2015

3rd of July with the Masai

Jambo, everyone! This is Jess (Schaller) reporting today for Team Tanzania! We're all in good health and enjoying our time here in the Arusha area!
Yesterday (Thursday, July 3) started out on a delicious note- Africa Pancakes and Fresh Bananas! It's crazy how much tastier fresh bananas are compared to what we eat in America. Sorry mom, but I may never eat another banana at home again! After fueling up for the day, we were picked up by Pastor Jeremiah and headed towards Arusha and beyond. Driving in Africa is absolutely bananas to me, but I'll save that for another time. We made it safely out of Arusha, and when we did, the land changed abruptly. Here where we're staying, the land is very lush and green, with a lot of hills. It's absolutely beautiful, but not what I expected to see in Africa. However, on the other side of Arusha it looks like it's straight out of the Lion King- brown and red dirt, dried grasses, plains, and mountains in the distance. Even the trees were breathtaking. No pictures or words could ever begin to describe or capture the beauty there is to be seen out here! What a Creator!!
Unlike the Lion King, we saw no lions (simba actually means lion over here!) or giraffes (twigas), but we did see plenty of goats, cows, donkeys, and even some camels! When we finally met up with one of our pastors, he (in full Masai robes and a CLC t-shirt) jumped on his Motorcycle (pikipiki) and took us off road, up, around and behind a mountain. The views up there were breathtaking as well. Fifteen (or so) minutes later, we pulled up to the little church destination. We were greeted by the Pastor Joshua there and some older women. The older women were in their Masai robes, with beautiful jewelry and beaming faces. I thought they were breathtaking, and then I saw the kids. All so beautiful, and in their brightly colored Masai robes as well. Their smiles (after they stopped crying from first seeing Sam) can just melt your heart. (Don't worry, Sam did redeem himself after our lessons with the bubbles he brought. They were a hit!!)
We needed two translators yesterday, which was crazy to all of us. First we'd speak English, Jeremiah would translate to Swahili, and Joshua would deliver the Word to the people in the Masai Language. It was really incredible to see their thirst for the gospel, and to know that even through 2 translators, we had that same common faith. They watched and listened intently as Pastor Joshua delivered the words to them. Praise the Lord for giving us this opportunity to share these saving words with these people!
Later today, we're heading out to see different Masai people, which we could not be more excited about! Please continue to pray for not only our Teams here in Africa, but for the people we are reaching!
God is good!

-Jess (Schaller)

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