Sunday, July 5, 2015

Heidi and Riley from Team Zambia - Lusaka

Hey y'all. Life is good here in Zambia. We are actually in a very big city so life doesn't seem so much different from America... that is until you get to the remote villages. We have been staying at the Gossner Mission House with our German host, Wolfgang. So far we have taught around 465 kids; all of the schools have been entirely welcoming and grateful to have us share God's happy message. One teacher had an awesome idea of having their young students become pen-pals with our students back home. This would allow the kids to work on their English and more importantly, connect with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Riley and I both find it amazing that we have not learned a single name of any of the kids that we have interacted with because this is not what we initially anticipated. However, even though we don't know names, we trust that God is working in both our hearts and the children's hearts.
Well, tomorrow we take off for Livingstone and will be visiting Victoria Falls on Tuesday.

Love from your Wazungus in Lusaka!

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