Friday, July 10, 2015

Team Tanzania (Wednesday) - Jess S.

Greetings from the TanzaniA-Team!
Rest assured moms and others- We're all alive and doing very well! I've even seen Sam eating some vegetables! Yesterday was bananas busy for the team, so I apologize for not giving an update sooner!
After 2 days off, we went full force into Wednesday. We traveled many kilometers and visited 3 groups of precious lambs!
Our first group wasn't actually a church, but was a school. What I really loved about this group was that it was all preschool and kindergarten age kids! They were kind enough to sing us a song or two, and as you can imagine, we had a lot of energized kids eager to hear about our Savior and ready to play after our lessons! Many new friends were made!
The second and third groups that we visited were churches, so we made a lot of old and young new friends! The thing that really hit me about these two churches were the songs they sang to us. If I could wake up to their songs every day, I would definitely become a morning person! The harmonies, clapping, percussion, and just straight up sincerity in their voices warm my heart! I cannot WAIT to hear their beautiful voices again in Heaven!
Throughout this trip, we've all been reminded of the constant outpouring of God's grace and blessings to us. The beautiful singing, gorgeous landscape (layers upon layers of mountains, hills, and plains! Everywhere you look, something more beautiful!), and the precious lambs he has us tending to this week have made my heart more full than I could have ever imagined!
Bwana Asifiwe, Praise the Lord, for his unlimited love!
-Jess Schaller

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