Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Hello, Mr. Mzungu!" Update from Team Kenya!

After days and days and days and days and DAYS of traveling, we finally got to teach our lessons today! And to none other than the children in Etago!

We landed in Nairobi around 8:30 local time Tuesday night, stayed overnight at our hotel, left early the next morning for Kisii, and stayed there overnight and left early this morning to Etago. Still so much traveling! And everywhere we went, we could hear "mzungu!" from random people, mostly children, as we drove by.  One man in particular was rather polite to Pastor Gurath, calling him Mr. Mzungu.

​When we arrived in Etago, there was a huge line of children singing to us and leading us to the building.  When we sat down inside, they continued to sing beautiful songs and tell us stories in Swahili.  It was just as incredible as it was three years ago.

I absolutely loved being back in Etago.  I love the hills, the bumpy gravel road, and most of all, all of the children in their blue and pink uniforms and their beautiful smiling faces. We got to visit Enosh and his family and his wife Elizabeth made us all delicious lunch during the school's lunch break. Then we went back to continue our lessons to the children.

The plan is to go back tomorrow and to have a full day of fellowship with the children and teachers of Etago before we travel north to the other schools.  I am extremely thankful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to see this beautiful area and the beautiful children of Etago again!

Bwana asifiwe!
Jennifer Grabow

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  1. This is all very cool! not sure how else to describe it. probably even better the second time you are there since you get to reunite with old friends! You can just see the excitement in the kids' faces that you are there!