Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Team TZ Church and Travel Day. Sam

Mambo from Moshi!

Don't try to translate that because it's some of the slang we've been learning over here! Basically it means a cool hello and you need to respond with pua.

We had our last night at Christina House and went to the parish that Pastor Jeremiah serves in Arusha for Sunday church. The liturgy was surprisingly similar to what we use and he picked all German melody hymns so that we would have an easy time singing along (Although there were definitely differences because they sing all of their melodies from memory and don't have music printed out, but only the words). Swahili is pretty easy to read so we were all able to sing loud and long to our Lord with our fellow believers here in TZ. After that we had a short lunch with Pastor J and his family. His son and daughter in-law drove us to the bus stop and we took a shuttle over to Moshi.

On the shuttle we saw our first glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro in the distance and we drove straight toward it for about an hour and a half to get to Moshi. We have nice rooms at a local hostel and have a great view of the mountain from the patio and lunch room. The Mountain is majestic. After taking a short tour of Moshi on foot we came back to the hostel and I had the Africa version of a Mushroom steak for $3! It was not a steak, but was still tasty. The girls all had spaghetti.

After a long day of travel we were grateful to get some sleep and get ready for our next couple of days in Africa!


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