Friday, July 3, 2015

Team Zambia Checking In

The Mission Helpers to Zambia arrived safely a couple of days ago. Once we left the airport we have been without internet access until today (Friday).

We've spent the past couple of days teaching several hundred children ranging is ages from 5-20. Pastor Ibrahim made arrangements for us to visit and teach in several community schools in the impoverished areas just outside Lusaka where he has serving the community with the Gospel. These community schools are not government sponsored and do not have a paid staff. Most of the children who attend these schools are orphaned due to the death of one or more of their parents or due to negligence of their parents because of drug and alcohol abuse. The children are cared for by relatives. The schools have developed through the efforts of local community leaders who charge a small tuition fee for the children to attend. All of the school buildings are very crudely constructed and most are not even near completion with roofs made of scrap metal and plastic bags. The walls are made of concrete brick construction, but again, most of them are not even close to be completed with no windows. It's sad to see the conditions in which these children are expected to learn, but also a joy to see a handful of men and women dedicated to offering the next generation a chance. One man today told me that this was his responsibility to give the neglected children a chance and some sort of hope for a future better than their surroundings. This man and the other teachers we met receive no salary from the school and they all work other jobs to support the schools. They asked for no monetary support for their efforts but they did ask that we return to give the teachers some training so that they could better instruct the children. There are so many opportunities to good to the least of these!

Tomorrow I will have the opportunity to conduct outreach seminars in two locations where Pastor Ibrahim has been working to establish preaching stations in the impoverished area of Chapata on the outskirts of Lusaka. This is the same community where we have been visiting and teaching in the schools. Pray for Pastors Ibrahim and Victor as they work to proclaim God's Saving Word to these folks who are so eager for Good News!

My internet time in running out...hopefully we'll have time to share more soon.

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