Monday, July 6, 2015

Bwana Asifiwe (Praise the Lord)

Happy 4th of July from Team Tanzania!  Although this post is up a couple days late, we can still celebrate our independence in the states year round, right?

The Lord has really been blessing our trip so far!  We have been blessed with a wonderful hotel to stay at that offers AMAZING food as well as wonderful fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have been so welcoming to us during our stay here in Tanzania.

Our day started off the same with a delicious breakfast of African pancakes, eggs, sausage, and bananas.  We then had a very nice devotion before splitting off to do some laundry before Pastor Jeremiah picked us up to head out to Pastor Edward's church in a rural Masai village.  Our drive out there was CRAZY!  Besides the typical traffic with no real rules,we also got to experience some pretty extreme off-roading.  Thanking the Lord that our vehicle stayed in one piece!  All the bumpy roads and off-roading was well worth it!  When we approached the Masai village church, we were greeted with the pastors and children singing a very cool song!  About 50 children were in attendance, and each one of them were so precious!  We all taught our lessons and handed out our gifts.  I pray that our lessons of the gospel will allow the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of all of the souls who hear our lessons. But, I am always reminded of the verse from Matthew "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them", these words always bring me comfort when I teach my lesson.  After handing out gifts, we all headed outside to play with the children and take lots of pictures!  Afterwards, we enjoyed tea with the pastors and went on our way so that the children could travel home before dark.  After another crazy drive home, we settled back into our hotel and enjoyed another delicious supper.

We are all really enjoying our time here and learning a ton!  The Lord has and continues to bless us as we work to spread the gospel to as many souls as possible! We all appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers!   

Bwana Asifewe!

Team Tanzania

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